Voter regisration instead of early selection….

It boggles the mind to think that Constituency Labour Parties are selecting candidates now for a General Election that legally is not due to happen until the 7th May 2015. Of course, it maybe earlier but the one thing we can be sure of if it is that it will be fought using the boundaries the Boundary Commission recently proposed in its review. So, a whole swathe of selections could become complicated. Indeed, were I the government i’d seek a snap election as soon as the Review has been finalised in late 2013 because it will send CLP’s into disarray.

What all CLP’s should be doing is undertaking a voter registration campaign to make sure we get people onto the electoral roll. This is good for our democracy, the more people that vote and engage the better, good for the Labour Party because it is Labour supporters more likely to be off the electoral roll and it may will fundamentally destabilise the Commissions maths and force a rethink in some areas. Why are we wasting time with this process now and faint-hearted appeals during the consultation process.

Voter registration could determine our fate at the next election, so why are we not focussing on this instead of seat selections?



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