Tax hikes and reckless cuts – My reply to Peterborough City Councils proposed budget

The below was submitted to Peterborough’s Evening Telegraph

Dear Sirs,
I note with some dismay the proposed Peterborough City Council Budget. Both the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer have promised this country a freeze in council tax. Indeed, Mr Cameron recently called Labour-controlled councils who have raised council tax “irresponsible”. Yet here we have a Conservative-run council proposing a nearly 3% increase. At the same time they are choosing to endanger the lives of children by cutting back on lollipop patrols.

How can we trust a word uttered by the Conservatives on the subject of tax again?

Is it not the case that the council have been forced into this position by the swinging cuts to the grant being given to local authorities by the same government that has broken its word on council tax? This government tells us that austerity will deliver economic growth yet I see none. Is this not just another broken promise – a betrayal of the trust placed in its representatives by the country.

Where is Peterborough’s Conservative MP in all this? Can Mr Jackson really claim he has won the best deal for this city when it is being hammered by tax hikes and cuts? How can the Conservative Party stand before this city and expect to be trusted again?

Yours Sincerely,

Darrell Goodliffe



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