An open letter to Unite and the GMB

Dear Paul Kenny and Len McCluskey,

Firstly, I would like to commend both of you for the stand you have made over the past couple of days. You have done the right thing on every level. The fact is that the cap on public sector pay has no possible grounding in economic reasoning; it is only explained by the governments ideological desire to destroy the public sector. Now the Labour leadership has joined that crusade.

It is perfectly natural when you feel hurt and betrayed to lash out – especially against the cause of that pain. Ed Miliband and Ed Balls have destroyed what little credibility they ever had in claiming to represent the ‘squeezed middle’ and hard working families. It is tempting to now walk away and I like thousands of Labour members understand that feeling all too well.

However tempting it may be though, that would be the wrong response. As Rhianna will tell you, you can find love in a hopeless place. Thousands and thousands of Labour members support you and are currently despondent at the abject betrayal of our founding principles by the leadership. Reach out to them; give them hope they need that all is not lost.

If you actively campaign amoung the Labour membership then you will start with a strong base and quickly move on to win a majority. You made this leadership and you can unmake it again – remind them of that; the only people cheering if you leave now will be the same people who betrayed you. Labour members are your natural allies and they will stand solidly with you.

The past few days have highlighted the democratic deficit within the Labour Party. Not only were you not consulted but neither were the Labour membership. It is no longer good enough that the Labour Party is run like a tinpot dictatorship. You must fight for the extension of the memberships democratic control over a wayward leadership.

Ed Miliband and Ed Balls have picked their side. They have joined the coalition of vested interests waging war against the people of this country in the name of trying to prop-up a failed, discredited system. In doing so they have turned against you and the Party they lead. In due course, if nothing is done, they will pay the ultimate price when the people of this country reject their shambolic ‘alternative’ at the ballot box.

The people you represent, the people of this country deserve so much better. You can be part of making the Labour Party the party of opposition and then the party of government that we all need. Don’t walk away from that fight with the cheers of people who despise you and everything you stand for ringing in your ears. The Labour membership, the real Labour Party, are ready willing to stand and fight with you.

Yours Fraternally,

Darrell Goodliffe


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