Cheerio Chris Huhne!

So, Chris Huhne has voluntarily evicted himself from sitting round the Big Cabinet Table. A resignation always looks better than a straightforward sacking (and at least leaves the door a little ajar on a future return) so doubtless when he was told of the Crown Prosecution Services intent to prosecute him for perverting the course of justice it was an easy decision to make. Huhne’s departure is a massive triumph for the Conservative Party when it comes to reminding the Liberal Democrats who is boss.

Although Guido Fawkes has been leading the charge against Huhne there is little doubt in my mind that he was given all the ammunition he would ever need by sources within the Conservative high-command. It is also plausible that Nick Clegg at least knew about the plot to silence one of his more heavyweight potential challenges for his crown of thorns. Not that this necessarily makes the allegations against Huhne untrue, in fact, i’d argue they make them more likely to be true because surely the conspirators would surely not want a suitably martyred Huhne to return strengthened by having cleared his name?

If he is guilty then he is not just guilty of perverting the course of justice but less seriously (and with slightly less potential prison time attached) he is also guilty of being an incredibly stupid narcissist. Nobody would have really batted an eyelid at a minister with a few speeding penalty points attached to their name; however, one that is guilty of perverting the course of justice is an entirely different matter. What quite was going through his mind at the time you can only wonder but it certainly wasnt anything like the kind of good political judgement you’d expect from a Cabinet minister. It definitely mitigates heavily against the view that he was some kind of strategic political genius.

You often wonder how much it will take to make Liberal Democrats realise their party’s position of simpering servility. Rather than equal partners in a joint enterprise they are lobby fodder that can and probably will be dispatched at the earliest possible convenience. Only when it is too late, you suspect, will they realise that they sold their soul for 30 pieces of fake silver.




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3 responses to “Cheerio Chris Huhne!”

  1. Paul Perrin says :

    While many people have given coverage, and encouraged a chorus against Huhne, I don’t think anyone can take credit for Huhnes predicament other than himself and his ex-wife.

    I don’t think speeding (in itself) is any great shakes, I don’t think putting the points on your partners licence is any great shakes either. Lying to the public to cling on to office – that would be the greatest sin.

    What this does show is how our liberty was undermined by labour, and how the coalition have done nothing about it (liberal – ha!).

    To be driving, do nothing more than break a speed limit (no accident, no accusation of careless etc), and then end up having to incriminate yourself on pain of prison is about as illiberal as it gets.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    I think we basically agree on this, its not just lying to the public though, perverting the course of justice (or attempting too) is rightly seen as a very serious crime. Well it was Huhne’s choice to behave this way as you ackowledge and that is because he is an egomanic – he did it not because it was neccessary but because he could and that is another reason I have no sympathy for the man…


  3. john Reid says :

    ALRIGHT THE AV REFERDUM didn’t work, but Give the Liberals credit they’ve had green polcies, fixed term parliaments, have kept the Human rights act and haven’t had euro phoibc polcies put in, Plus their lords have blocked the Welfare reform bill, Why would the tories want to get rid of Chris hunne, yes he maybe apotential future leader,but all that’s happened is Another liberal has replaced him it could be worse after Labours current record we could have a majority tory Government after the next eletction, and if it wasn’t for the Libdems we’d have A minority tory gov’t in now.


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