Labour is best at its boldest

So, the boss of Network Rail has waived his bonus. This is good news but we have to hold-off on the ticker-tape parade. Waiving a bonus for one year is a temporary triumph. Its simply sensible public relations. You hold off while the heat is on and then, when the public’s back is turned you take double the pot you turned down.

Everybody will be start to feel a buzz around the embattled Labour leadership. This is not entirely without justification however, we have to be clear about one thing. In reality, the successes on the bonus issue do not belong to the leadership but in fact to those within this Party who have, all-along, insisted that the Labour Party is its best when it behaves as the radical, transformative Party it was born to be.

If there is a poll bounce it will be down to leftist critics who want a more radical course charted. Everything that makes the leadership right on this issue makes it wrong on so many others. Indeed, the bonus-issue is far from resolved. The decrepit and decaying structures that fostered this culture in the first place remain intact. If you want to end the excessive bonuses that Chief Executives enjoy then the solution is simple; economic democracy and a radical dilution of the power of boardrooms.

A solitary employee on remuneration committees will increase transparency by a micron but do little to bring greater accountability to corporate Britain. Fostering co-operative and mutual forms of ownership will however shake these ivory towers to their core; as would a government committed to enforcing a decent living wage for all as part of a incomes policy committed to reducing income inequality.

Labour’s left-wing should be fizzing with confidence. For the first time in many a generation it has the opportunity to build a new society out of the ashes of the old, to capture the public mood and work with it to shape the new society we all want to see. Labour is at its best as the Party of fighters and believers; this latest news proves that beyond any reasonable doubt.



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