The bankrupt logic of Blairism

The governments butchery of the National Health Service is in chaos. Vast swathes of public opinion and the entire medical profession are united against them. Andrew Lansley, the hapless minister in charge of this mess, is today being made a martyr by Downing Street.

So ignorant and out-of-touch is this citadel of elitist privilege that it thinks shooting the messenger, Lansley, will solve all their problems. They don’t get it. It doesn’t matter who is Minister, nobody wants this carve-up. It is therefore something of a mystery why ex-Labour Ministers would want to ride to their rescue.

Alan Milburn has previously called Labour’s campaign against the NHS Bill “disappointing”. According to The Times this morning, Number 10 is considering drafting Milburn in to connive in their befoulment of one of the Crown Jewels of Labour’s legacy. I am loathe to call for expulsions, I believe in freedom of expression and action, however Mr Milburn’s actions, in overseeing this policy, would arguably put him in the position of ‘campaigning actively against the Labour Party’. At the very least I would call upon him to question whether his position is compatible with the Party card he carries.

Whatever Mr Milburn’s personal status, I trust Labour Party members to make the observation that his stance implies; that his wing of the Party are intellectually bankrupt. Not one Blairite has offered the Party or the country a plausible solution to this crisis. Nor have they acknowledged the part they played in ruining the country and Party. All they can do is follow their stance to its logical conclusion and become cheerleaders for Coalition – a pale shadow of past glories, worshippers at the altar of a long-fallen god.

When the Party elected Ed Miliband, it signalled a clear desire to move on, a desire to be true to its purpose and place in the world. It was a hesitant expression to be sure but the exodus of prominent Blairites and their support for the Downing Street oligarchy is slowly hardening that desire. Alan Milburn is a fitting symbol of this wing, yesterdays man, bereft of vision and the ability to make any worthwhile contribution. So, go Mr Milburn if you wish, you will sink with this wretched government and the Labour Party is better off without you.


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8 responses to “The bankrupt logic of Blairism”

  1. John reid says :

    So ignorant and out-of-touch is this citadel of elitist privilege that it thinks shooting the messenger, Lansley, will solve all their problems. They don’t get it- Yes that’s why the Tories are ahead in the Opinion polls

    regarding Alan Milburn ,he was the only health secretary to get wide support from NHS unions when we were in Power.


  2. RobD says :

    Labour has to make clear whether it still supports any form of state ownership and make clear the advantages of it: accountability, central planning,service before profit, and none of the rip-off price increases that have befallen rail, gas, water and electricity users since privatisation. After 13 years of a Labour government I would have expected the political “centre ground” to have moved leftwards (even if only slightly) and back towards “mixed economy” thinking but thanks to the likes of Blair, Milburn, Mandelson, Hewitt etc, privatisation as still at the fore front of policy. I find it quite sinister that Blair and Milburn even bothered joining the Labour party. If they’d joined the Tories in the first place, Blair would quite possibly still be prime minister now and Milburn could be Health Secretary. The policies are identical. I don’t like being deceived when I go to vote. When I vote Labour I expect social-democratic left of centre policies, not Tory trojan horses. So what do we have in UK politics today? A centre-right unofficial consensus where we get privatisation whoever we vote for (and this includes Clegg and the Liberals)? I don’t think Labour realise how popular it would be with the public if they tore up Blair’s clause 4 and replaced it with something like: “We are in favour of entrepreneurship and private enterprise in the right circumstances but we believe that the infrastructure services of the country should be state-owned and run as services not for profit”.
    Apologies for the rant but the mere mention of the name Milburn did it, I’m afraid.


  3. John reid says :

    Maybe they joined laobur with left wing views realised tehy were rejected by the public 4 lelections on the trot , but after all that time they realised that the only way to win election was to admit the left were wrong ,and had to accept the mixed enc0nly to win, the alternative was 33 years of tories


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :

    John is of course totally wrong that “the only way to win an election is admit the left is wrong” indeed, the exact reverse is tru, especially in the current climate….


  5. john reid says :

    Tony benn After the 83 election “we lost becasue it wasn’t left wing enough”, Why have I got A feeling you’ll be saying this in 2015.


  6. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Because it will be true, probably….your the one still trapped in the 80’s, not me….


  7. john Reid says :

    I’f we don’t learn the lessons of the past, we won’t be albe to avoid them wasn’t it 18 years out of power. if we lost in 83 becuase it wasn’t left wing enough how coems we had to junk most of the 83 manifesto to in in 1997.

    Your baroness vasri article as brilliant though.


  8. darrellgoodliffe says :


    This is true but I would question if your learning the right lessons – the principal lesson may well be that you need to be relevant to the times you live in, and in this period of crash and slump the left is fantastically relevant….

    Thanks for those kind words 🙂


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