NPF Election Statement from Luke Pagliaro

Luke Pagliaro – East of England National Policy Forum Youth Candidate 2012
    • ”About Me

      I’m a 17 year old student, living in Peterborough, within the CLP of North West Cambridgeshire. I am a Sixth Form student, currently studying A-levels at Stanground College, Peterborough and within the next few months I will be going to university to study Politics & International Relations. I have experience in youth politics on Peterborough Youth Council from 2009-2011 and I’m currently President of the UKs first city-wide, inter-school, sixth form union, the Peterborough Sixth Form Union.

      Why I’m standing for the NPF?

      Since May 2010, the Tory-led coalition has been delivering a cowardly assault on the public sector, the NHS, welfare and young people. Their plans of austerity are simply not working; we have a rising deficit, growth down and unemployment is up. The only thing set to grow is the socio-economic gap between what has now turned from the squeezed middle, to squeezed Britain, and the privileged minority. I want to be part of changing this.

      What must be central to any successful campaign are the core policies. And I believe I have the skills to help create them. I am a realist, believe in politics for the greater good and follow the utilitarian train of thought – substance over style. I am a dynamic, innovative, and analytical thinker, who has gained significant experience in youth politics, to be able to contribute to the wide and vast debate on Labour Party policy. I feel we must carry two central ideas throughout all policies; equality and aspiration. Our policies must also be simple, measurable and tangible for all of Britain, allowing those that feel most alienated by politics (often the most in need) to make the right judgment call at the next election. Simplicity should help Labour to reclaim seats such as Norwich South, lost at the last election, take back ultra-marginals such as Peterborough and win the progressive argument right across the East of England and the UK.

      The long and short of it is; we deserve better. I believe in better. Labour has a tough job, but we do have the right people from grassroots to Parliament, to get us back to a party of government and give the British people back a government of fairness. And the place to start towards that goal is in our policies with input from CLPs and at branch level. As a regional representative on the NPF I will not be there just to give my input, I will be an accountable vehicle through which you can help change and shape the Labour Party.”



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