Greece on the brink….

No two ways exist to describe the situation in Greece. It is on the brink of a social revolution. Despite the new austerity measures being passed they were rammed through the Greek Parliament it was clear on the streets of Athens what the people of Greece really feel about these measures.

So, the Greek people are unwilling to be ruled in the old way. Meanwhile, the spate of resignations that accompanied the vote shows clearly that established politics is in crisis and no major political Party in Greece is prepared to take the only sensible and logical course of action and default on her debt. I would say quite candidly to those who insist these measures were ‘necessary to save Greece’ that this is catergorically untrue and this is proved by the fact that still Greece is going to be asked to bear more pain. It is not the Greek nation that these measures are intended to save but instead foreign banks who have high exposure rates to Greek debt. Default is the only road that will save Greece now.

Greece’s Parliament has failed in the first duty of any Parliament to represent and defend the people. It is therefore useless and its dissolution is a legitimate democratic act. Indeed it may well not just be legitimate but also necessary if democracy is to be defended in the long-run.  Do we seriously imagine the military, for example, will tolerate this level of social turmoil forever? I think not.

It’s back to the drawing board time for the Greek people.  When a Parliament fails in the way theirs has then the tried and tested demand for a Constituent Assembly is a good and timely one. Sadly, the early indications are that a Greek revolution will not necessarily be a socialistic one (there are strong nationalist overtones to alot of the demonstrators slogans) but nonetheless it is the right democratic thing to support the struggle of the Greek people against their degenerate Parliament. Austerity is constricting and destroying our democracy so it is right to resist and fight to extend that; the Greek people are now on the frontline of the struggle against neo-liberal austerity and they should enjoy the support and solidarity of socialists and democrats everywhere.



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