Unemployment; a price worth paying for the government….

This has a huge ironical ring to it nowadays....

So, unemployment is up, again. Once again we have to suffer the procession of government ministers pretending to care and be deeply concerned about something that they caused in full knowledge of what they are doing. If they cared, if they really cared they would change economic course. Until they do they cannot credibly claim to care or be even in the slightest bit concerned.

Economic incompetence is ‘Labour’s trademark’ according to Conservative and right-wing critics of this Party but even if that were so we can rightfully claim that scarred communities and the scorched earth of lost generations are the hallmarks of a Conservatives government. Youth unemployment is a blight stretching right across our country and what is their solution? Workfare and slave labour – another false economy because it undermines the wages and conditions of those already in work. Spokesperson after spokesperson can mouth all the platitudes they like but we are still all pawns in this governments ideological experiment – it’s war on the state in the name of a defunct finance sector whose greed has totally destroyed it and brought the rest of us to ruin.

The picture provided by the official statistics is damming enough but if you factor in the number of low paid and frankly shaky jobs that people are in then the complete picture is one of an economy where high unemployment is hard-wired into our economic fabric. It is these kind of jobs – unstable and unsustainable ones that will soon become the norm and thus unemployment will always be high. This is the logical progression of Thatcherism which deregulated the labour market; now, this wretched government is destroying the public sector, one of the last bastions of strong, sustainable employment and finishing the job that Thatcher started.

The private sector will pick up the slack, we are told; but, of course, we all know this is another false economy. As unemployment increases, consumption will be driven down across the board and as sure as night follows day the private sector will suffer too.  Jobs will be lost their too and we will be trapped in the death spiral of more cuts and a growing reservoir of the abandoned and desperate. In reality, this is another of the governments false economy. It’s policies are, however, not based on sound economics nor sound ethical considerations, they are driven by the same red-eyed ideological mania they falsely accuse their opponents of; if they were rational they would stop austerity now.

Labour has to stand up to this. It has to be the Party of work for sure, the party of labour, but also the Party of sustainable and rewarding work. It also has to be the tribune of those who have been left to rot by a feckless and rotten government, not the Party that plays them off against those clinging on. It has to be the Party now more than ever that holds true to its historic animus and wages war on a government that has declared war on its own people in the name of something better; a real alternative which offers the country hope in place of fear and insecurity; an ideology that sets people free from these things rather than uses them as pawns in a demented and ultimately doomed to fail economic experiment.


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