The lesson of Bradford West is we need a core vote strategy…..

I am utterly sickened by the result in Bradford West. I am sad for the people of Bradford West who have elected an opportunist, raving egomanic as their MP. Mr Galloway is utterly rephensible and far from helping the people he claims to represent he has put a big smile on David Cameron’s face. Government representatives were busy briefing that this was all about “giving Labour a bloody nose” and it is the opposition that comes off worst from this result and the government which is strengthened. Well done George.

Galloway mainly and opportunisitically capitalised on one single issue it seems – the issue of Afghanistan. This is one issue that there is a sizeable chunk of disenfranchised opinion on and it is one issue where Labour is neglecting its duty to give a voice to the voiceless. Seriously, Labour needs to learn one lesson and it needs to learn it well. We cannot go on ignoring our core vote nor can we rely on hatred of the Conservative Party and this government to motivate it to vote for us. We need to give our core support something more, something bold and brave to inspire people and we need to reassure it that we have learnt from our time in government that we cannot take our core support for granted.

Our core is the foundation we build an election winning coalition on. No counterposition exists between solidifying it and winning broader support. The challenge now is for the leadership and the NEC to develop, codify and discuss a core vote strategy – one that makes our Party strong again. The Bradford West by-election may well turn out to be a blip but we should prehaps remember that we could face further pain in London in May in a campaign which is by no means in the bag. We shouldn’t go overboard but we should definately take head of this result because if we dont there could still be big trouble ahead.


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8 responses to “The lesson of Bradford West is we need a core vote strategy…..”

  1. John D Clare says :

    Great article, Darrell. For what it’s worth, this is my own assessment of the implications of the by-election, which differs slightly from your own:


  2. Harry Paterson says :

    John D Clare; your article explains why Blue Labour have utterly lost the confidence of millions of their traditional core supporters.

    This obsession with cross-class support and appealing to the South East is at the heart of your ruination.

    Suck-up to the rich, chase the Stockbroker Belt-vote with your prawn cocktail offensives and betray, sell-out and abandon the very people your party was founded to represent and you get, not only the inevitable, but what you so richly deserve.

    Serves Blue Labour bloody well right. The only tragedy is that they will learn nothing from it because you lot *still* don’t get it; offer the electorate a choice of just two conservative parties and they will always either vote for the real one or abstain until a *real* opposition presents itself.

    Galloway is an unprincipled opportunist and egomaniac but he represents, like it or not, the kind of balls Blue Labour hasn’t had for decades. A willingness to defy the status quo and criticize the establishment in class terms. Add to that his principled and consistent stand against the Iraq war, one of Blue Labour’s most disgusting and contemptible acts, and this result was virtually inevitable.

    From Kinnock scabbing and betraying the miners in ’84, through to Blair’s unashamed embracing of naked and rampant capitalism through to the spineless Miliband attacking strikers, Blue Labour’s contempt and loathing of its core support has become so obvious that only the most gullible turkey would vote for the Christmas that is today’s Labour party.

    Serves you all bloody well right.


  3. pricklypilgrim says :

    I don’t necessarily agree with all your points, but an enjoyable article – and you are spot on about this self-serving, self-seeking excuse for a politician. What in *earth* were the people of West Bradford *thinking*?


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Thanks for the link John….Harry, you know we kind of do and kind of dont agree….thanks prickly, glad you enjoyed it…..indeed, its sad for them really…


    • pricklypilgrim says :

      Oh, I agree with everything about Galloway! I guess I meant that we are both members of the Labour [party, but I ‘sort of, kind of’ get the impression that if you lived in London, you would have no problem voting for Ken Livingstone, whereas I have a HUGE problem with it: to me, he is not a million miles away from being a Galloway 🙂


  5. John reid says :

    NOT SURE WHAT YOU MEAN BY BLUE LABOUR, if this was A msitake for Nu labour or you consider there’s no diffence between the Blue tories adn laobur, But the Blue labour brand of Lord Glasman has nothing to do with the by eelction it has some good ideas,some of which were ideas on the living wage that was in the 2010 election or the Police emrgers,plus the tories are now looking at picking up on some of thses ideas, the way the picked up onthe AV referendum and fixed term parliaments both of which were in th elast manifesto.


  6. John reid says :

    not sure why it’s the blairites fault, they havent’ been running the party for 6 years


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