The Boris and Ken Show…..

It’s almost as if they read my blog from earlier. Determined to prove the point that the post they are contesting is a giant ego-trip for those already suffering from ego over-inflation, Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone scrapped both during and after a LBC Live Debate like the Mitchells”. After the ill-tempered radio debate, Johnson allegedly confronted Livingstone in the post-show lift, calling him a f*cking liar. It would probably be cheaper and more fun for all involved if long-suffering Londoners just hired a real giant three-ring circus.

I don’t really have a problem with BoJo blowing his top to be entirely honest. I am not sure the electorate will either; they like to occasionally be reminded that the people who govern them are still human beings. This is how, after-all, both BoJo and Ken got elected during their respective terms, by being larger and life and appearing much less like a person just popped out of a clone testube. Labour’s po-faced response, which seemed to imply nobody who was behind it had ever swore in anger in their life, hasn’t done our standing with the voters any favours. It would have been far better to issue a sarcastic press release, confirming a full and frank exchange of views had taken place, and left it at that; people would have laughed, and been reminded that we do have a sense of humour too.

However that was too much to ask and we just took the completely anodyne line that this was all quite shocking and morally outrageous. All of which prove the point that there are serious tactical misjudgments being made in London which will most likely cost us the election. Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone obviously dont like each other on a personal as well as a political level which is fair enough but it speaks to how personalised these posts are and how little they enhance our democracy.


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2 responses to “The Boris and Ken Show…..”

  1. representingthemambo says :

    To be honest I thought it was great that Boris lost his temper. It’s nice to see the mask slip. I agree that Labour’s response was shit. They’d have been better off saying nothing and allowing Johnson to condemn himself with his own statements and actions.
    I think the wider point is that situations like this remind me why I’m suspicious of elected mayors. The politics seems to have been slowly draining from this election and it appears to simply be a clash of people who just don’t like each other very much. Where is the serious ideological clash?


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Thanks Representing 🙂 There is none because its all personality based, like you say the politics is draining away….if it was ever there in the first place..


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