My NEC Message to Labour members…you are the heart of the Party

Very soon, Labour members will be receiving a booklet with messages from all the validly nominated candidates in the upcoming NEC elections. Below I reproduce mine to hopefully stimulate some debate….

I am a committed Labour Party member and activist, and I am standing in this election to give every single Labour member a stake and a say in their Party.

A commitment to democracy is a core Labour value and currently too many times the ordinary member is disenfranchised. This needs to change. Labour members are the lifeblood of the Party and the living link between the Party and the British people.

We need a return to core Labour values in policy and a internal democracy which is vibrant and healthy. I do not want to be elected to the NEC to govern the Party but to represent you and return the Party to you, the Labour members.

I want to use this campaign to open up a dialogue and conversation between the Party leadership and the wider Party. A vote for me will guarantee you a representative who puts you first.    Finally, I would like to thank you for your time, consideration and participation in this important election. You are the heart of the Party and without you we are nothing.



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2 responses to “My NEC Message to Labour members…you are the heart of the Party”

  1. kierangormley says :


    I follow your blogs and although I don’t agree with all your beliefs, you can rely on my vote. I wish you all the best in the election and I hope you gain a place on the party NEC.

    At present I am unsure where my political allegiances lie, as I am disgusted by many of what the party leadership say on the cuts. I remain a Labour party member but for how long I do not know as I read the Socialist and find myself agreeing with more of their policies than that of Labours. I await the results of these elections with interest.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Thank you for reading and your kind message of support :).

    I think many Labour members feel like you, obviously, I would urge you to keep the faith. Leaving for the out-of-Labour left is tempting but I dont think its the way forward. Locally, the Socialist Party are running a wrecking campaign against an exceptional, left-wing, Labour candidate and I think, for me, that tells us we all need to know about that particular grouping…


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