Cameron and Osborne; getting by with a little help from their friends…..

Apparently, according to Andrew Rawnsley, relations between Number 10 and Number 11 are souring. You wouldn’t have guessed it if you did the newspaper rounds today though. David Cameron was busy ‘stinging’ Nick Clegg in a carefully choreographed piece of electoral theatre while George Osborne was busy feigning “shock” that the people right at the top of the income tree pay “virtually no tax at all”. I personally think it’s a bit worrying that the Chancellor of the Exchequer claims not to know what the real situation is when it comes to the tax people are paying. It certainly throws fresh doubts on Osborne’s economic rationale for cutting the top-rate of tax from 50p to 45p and it does make you question what exactly Cameron and Osborne discuss at their now infamous dinner parties. If this report is anything to go by then it is certainly not where their guests spent last night sleeping.

The Treasury, ever since its disastrous Budget escapade, seems to have been alienating people left, right and centre. It seems especially irked by the Institute for Fiscal Studies which has developed the annoying habit of popping-up and exposing the blatantly nonsense nature of its economic assertions. Indeed, it recently pointed out that cutting the top-rate may result in even more money than expected being given back to the people who pay next-to-nil tax in any case. So, while Mr Osborne goes back to his abacus and prepares for economic and social calamity, we can expect the Prime Ministers office to be busy snuggling-up to Nick Clegg and planning their next piece of street theatre.

Both David Cameron and Nick Clegg are very much two peas in the same sky-blue pod yet every time a significant tranche of elections rolls round they seem to be at each others throats like Larry the Cat is supposed to be at the one supporting the head of the Downing Street rat. It’s all for show. Of course, Nick Clegg knew about and approved the e-mail snooping and secret court proposals; to imagine he didn’t is the height of naivety. Sadly, that won’t stop some Liberal Democrats believing he must have been totally in the dark but then again we should never underestimate that parties capacity for self-delusion. However, Cameron and Clegg have to be seen to disagree to appease their respective Party activists, motivate and them and, crucially, not alienate potential voters.

The reality of government in this country is that we are not just governed by a formal Coalition between two political parties but we are governed by an oligarchical network which spans the two and well beyond their boundaries which is asset stripping, looting and swindling the country to maintain its own still dwindling profits; they really are all in it together. It is looking like the next election will be a simple choice of who rules, us or them, Labour needs to be careful it is on the right side and that it returns the country to the people who are the heart of it and take it from those who hover above it to greedily eek out more tax-savings.




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