Why vote Labour?

Obviously, a vast number of people reading this won’t need much persuading to put their X in a box by the Labour candidate tomorrow. However, there are people out there who remain to be convinced. It is hard, on one level, to summarise the reasons you should vote for Labour in the context of local elections. On-top of national issues, there will be plenty of local reasons why you should support Labour. Locally, for me, it is about changing a rotten Conservative administration which has run Peterborough for nay on 13 years now. As a grouping, the local Conservative Party is even more degenerate than the national cabal. It is run by somebody whose style of leadership leaves an awful lot to be desired and whose policies encapsulate what is clearly the Conservative way, vanity projects and vested interests placed well before the many; whole areas thoughtlessly left to rot without a care or consideration from their Conservative councillors. The local Labour candidate is an exceptional one, committed to her community and representing the people. Voting Labour is not a matter of mere duty but a moral obligation to the area that surrounds me.

Not all areas are so lucky, if I lived in London I would be faced with an agonising choice over which way to vote in the Mayoral election. Our candidate, Ken Livingstone, has behaved in a totally reprehensible way with regard to his own tax affairs and all too often is guilty as charged when it comes to applying double standards to his life and the lives of those he seeks to represent. I therefore empathise entirely with the dilemma many Labour voters in London find themselves in. However, despite his objectionable personality, one that comes close to make him totally unsuitable to hold the mayoralty, his policy platform does represent the best on offer for Londoners. It recognises that what we need now more than most to boost our economy is tangible relief to struggling households. Mr Johnson, meanwhile, wants to rhetorically seek affinity with the poor and struggling while in practice only aiding the rich. I would have to hold my nose to vote for Ken and that fact is the fault of none other than Ken himself, if he loses London for Labour he must take some responsibility and immediately announce he will not seek nomination for the Mayors office again and allow new blood to come through.

Everything is changing in politics. Slowly but equally as surely the state of flux caused by the financial crash is eroding traditional certainties and redefining our politics. A clear division is emerging which is entirely ideological in nature between those who see fiscal austerity as the key to economic recovery and those who are groping towards charting a different course. Labour, as it is currently constituted, is sending out mixed-messages and does not look like a Party with all the answers. It isn’t. However, it is the Party that is at least groping and searching, a process that will eventually yield positive results, at least I and many within it hope it will. It is therefore worthy of your vote on May 3rd both as a demonstration that you see clearly through the lies and half-baked ‘truths’ of this government and that you realise we need to chart a different course. This government, the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties have even fewer answers than Labour because they are wedded to a world-view that is frankly so out-of-step with reality it is untrue. They are wedded to a thousand and one different vested interests whose only concern is to gut this country of the little it has left in the name of enriching themselves. Many people have already suffered for this and many, many more will. So, if you care about yourself, if you care about your family, your community and your country, there is only one place you can put an X in the box tomorrow and that is by the name of your local Labour Party candidate.


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