Ed shuffles his pack…

After election season, we have the next logical step in the political season; re-shuffle season. Ed Miliband is widely tipped to re-form the Shadow Cabinet early this week and it’s more than possible Mr Cameron will follow suit. We defiantly do need a re-shuffle, although we are in the midst of a good innings, I get the distinct impression the top team is not as strong as it could be. With some notable exceptions, like Andy Burnham in Health and Ed Balls in the economy, we are failing to hit the mark across the board.

Can you honestly say Stephen Twigg is making a mark in Education? I thought not. Liam Bryne should also be a casualty of the changes. His tenure at work and pensions has been blighted by a horrific lack of compassion when it comes to Labour’s policy on welfare. Indeed, for somebody who is also heading-up our policy review he seems awfully keen on making-up policy on the hoof as well. On constitutional affairs we need to up our game as well given the governments impending difficulties with House of Lords reform.

Big beasts like Balls, Cooper, Burnham etc are unlikely to remove and there will doubtless be promotions for the talented. The likes of Rachel Reeves, Lisa Nandy and Stella Creasy should all receive more prominent roles as should Chuka Umunna who has been very impressive. All these MP’s are the true voices of Labour’s Next Generation. Of course, the spokespeople are only as good as the policy we arm them with and that is the next urgent task for the Party at large. Ed needs to pick wisely because this is most likely the team that will fight the next General Election; his choices now could play a large part in determining our electoral fortunes.




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2 responses to “Ed shuffles his pack…”

  1. John P Reid says :

    You’d expect me to say this But Liam Bynne was delberatly appointed by Ed Miliband as Ed’s wise enough not to ditnat the centre ground, regarding Us failing to hit the mark, Yvette cooper could have been more left wing and supported the police protest, we could have made points out of the Tories failing to get to grips with the riots


    • darrellgoodliffe says :

      Well I agree with you about Cooper….with regards to Byrne, he seems to be tacking a bit more leftwards now in any case, the point is that the Coalition is going so far in this area the only opposition ground is too the left….I find the centre ground something that shifts and is constantly re-defined in any case…


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