Cable the socialist and crypto-commie Clegg…..

It never ceases to amuse me when right-wingers attack other right-wingers just because they are a smidge to left of their particular brand of red-eyed lunacy. You can therefore imagine I allowed myself a cheeky titter when I saw the news that Conservative donor Adrain Beecroft had branded Vince Cable a ‘socialist’. By that standard, Mr Clegg must be a crypto-communist working assiduously to bring down the system from within though if that truly were the case you’d have to congratulate him on a job well done so far.

Cable’s crime has been to publicly criticise his report’s suggestion that employers be allowed to fire ‘underperforming’ employees at will. Sadly, this doesn’t make Cable a socialist at all, it just makes him slightly more sensible than Beecroft.

Explaining what motivated him to produce his report, Beecroft tells the Daily Telegraph a story;

We had an HR man who was very good at the technical stuff, but hopeless with   people so we dismissed him, having thought we’d gone through the process,”   Mr Beecroft explains.

The company then placed an advert for a replacement who was “good with   people”. “And he sued us for discrimination on the grounds that everybody   knows that people who are good with people means we want a woman. We went to   the lawyers and said this is ridiculous and they said we’d have to pay and   so we paid him.”

The first thing that leapt out at me about this was the fact the gentlemen in question wasn’t ‘underpforming’ at all. He was, by Beecroft’s own admission, ‘good at the technical stuff’. At the very worst therefore he had the wrong skill set for his position and, this being the case, it begs the question why Beecroft put him in that role in the first place? Secondly, he then thought the right response to this issue was to dismiss the man, thus incidentally, making him a charge on the state and making the tax payer foot the bill for Beecroft’s poor judgment skills. I don’t think that is particularly right, at no point in the story does Beecroft show that he offered the man some support to develop his skills and assistance in the areas he was lacking. His attitude was to fire first and ask questions later and not to worry too much because the state would pay in any case. This is precisely the culture that Mr Cable rightly says Mr Beecrofts proposals will inculcate in employers; which, in turn, will lead to rising unemployment and a rising cost of said unemployment to the state.

I can’t help but feel that in his story-telling, Mr Beecroft is playing footloose and fancy-free with the facts because there is undoubtedly more too it than he mentions. In other words, his story, much like his report is a crock of worthless rubbish which distorts the facts at all, to suit his particular ideological bent. The notion that less rights for workers equals higher employment levels and economic growth is hokum and in the long-term it will end up costing the state even more money (as Mr Beecroft has himself shown). In reality, the only people who benefit are the bankrupt leeches currently holed up in the City of London, as this recent letter to The Guardian explains;

By not regulating small firms for basic employment standards, we are regulating for poor quality, low skills and a lack of competitiveness that will keep the rest of the economy dependent on the City.

When it is intellectually bankrupt and out of ammo, the right always resorts to ‘Red smears’, (think the constant suggestion in America that Barack Obama is a Marxist), because it has nowhere else to go except hide behind fear of something worse. All that Beecroft is in fact displaying is the intellectual weakness of his own tepid and inconsistent arguments and in that vein, it was heartening to see Mr Miliband rile against them at Prime Ministers Questions today, now if only we had our own coherent narrative to respond with, then we really would be laughing.


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