Why can’t Cameron sack Hunt?

I find David Cameron’s inability to simply sack Jeremy Hunt quite mind-bending and politically illogical in so many ways. It can only possibly lead you to the conclusion that Mr Hunt does know where too many bodies are buried. Speaking today on the Andrew Marr show he said the governments penchant for u-turning was a sign of “resolve and strength” yet he seems totally unable to perform one when it comes to the Ministerial career of Jeremy Hunt. It’s not as if Mr Hunt is the only senior Cabinet minister in trouble, with the accusations stacking-up against Baroness Warsi as well.

Liberal Democrats should perhaps take note of how relatively quickly Vince Cable, David Laws and Chris Huhne were dispensed with by comparison; there is nothing quite like an appreciative and supportive Coalition partner in politics. Sadly, knowing how spineless the Lib Dems actually are, I am skeptical they will even day to vote with Labour when it comes to the vote on investigating Mr Hunt. I rather suspect Mr Cameron is congratulating himself privately on his Rambo-like machismo in not sacking his wayward ministers but the country is looking on, unamused.

Conservatives must be inwardly concerned that their leader has now on so many occasions let the weight of his own stubbornness outweigh sound political common sense. Meanwhile, Labour’s position, to do what any dutiful opposition should be doing, and harry these ministers out of office, needs to constantly bring the issue back to the judgment of the Prime Minister, something that with regard to his picks for high office looks increasingly suspect (and lest we forget the former head of Downing Street Communications being charged with perjury). It’s only a matter of time before more scandals break and Mr Cameron is the last one left clinging like a desperate limpet to the tattered remains of his tenure.


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2 responses to “Why can’t Cameron sack Hunt?”

  1. representingthemambo says :

    I agree. It is quite something to behold that he still hasn’t gone. I think there are a number of factors at play:

    As you say Cameron’s stubborness

    As you also say Hunt’s knowledge of where the bodies are buried, but as time goes on I’m less and less inclined to think that is a serious motivating factor. We all know where the bodies are buried……

    Does Cameron honestly think Hunt has done anything wrong? I’m not so sure. The decision to assist Murdoch over the deal was clearly taken at a higher level than Hunt.

    He also is probably desperate not to admit that Vince Cable was right over this. And therefore logically right over a few other things as well…….

    Cameron and Osborne also know that there is at least the possibility that if one minister goes then others may have to too. After all, it is the entire political class that is in the dock over this and not just Cameron and Hunt. They probably don’t want to open the floodgates.

    The Machiavellian in me occasionally thinks that that Cameron and Osborne are ok with this story running and running. After all, it isn’t a party political issue and people will not be votingon the basis of how the phone-hacking inquiry turns out. Labour is just as much in the dock as the Conservatives and anything that keeps the headlines away from the economy is something that they will doubtless be very happy about.

    Anyway, a bit of food for thought there!


    • darrellgoodliffe says :


      Some interesting points there. You may well be right on all those points. I also dont think it is an issue which annoys the public as much as we imagine. The economy, as always is the big issue and like you say it keeps the headlines off of that…


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