Welcome to Cameron’s Britain…

If there is one story that epitomises everything that is wrong with this government and indeed, more profoundly, with Britain as a whole, then it has to be the story of the Jubilee stewards. It’s the story which has everything, the splendour of the celebrations venerating the ‘achievements’ of a family whose wealth and position is inherited and the squalor of those forced to participate in ordering the self-same celebrations with no reward for their efforts. The contrast between the two Britain’s we see on display could not be more stark.

Many moons ago the ‘Bullingdon Boys’, a group which Mr Cameron was, as we all know, intimately associated with thought that a good night of ‘larks’ was smashing local restaurant windows. In their hearts, the clique around Cameron & Co, havent moved on from the upper-class yobs that they once were, hooligans by any other name, whose arrogance and sense of self-importance and lack of accountability shields them in their own minds from the consequence of any of their actions.

Britain is now the restaurant window and the people of Britain and the no-doubt startled restaurant goers are the British people who are forced to look on, feeling powerless, as forces seemingly beyond control intrude upon their peaceful dining. NHS? Pensions? Peoples standard of living? All things that the Bullingdon Boys are happy to put through the mincer because they feel nothing. How can they? They have no real experience of life, or anything like the suffering their policies are causing, so, of course they sleep at night, content in their own minds that they are doing what they see as right, necessary even. They look on, totally oblivious as they create a nightmarish Britain, one where people are told to endure too much pain and suffering as part of ‘doing their bit’.

Labour needs to be forthright in its criticism and presentation of a clear alternative to this Dickensian hell. When the government says, for example, that we should coerce people to work till the cusp of what will be ill-health for many, Labour needs to be saying a resounding NO, not ‘promising to consider it’. If we are not, then things are only going to get worse, and slowly but surely, the time will come when people can take no more. Rather than a million on the streets celebrating the Queen there will be millions on the streets willing to do anything, and I mean anything, to end their suffering and to bring the government that has caused it to its knees. The two Britain’s we saw on display during the Jubilee cannot continue to co-exist forever. One day the crunch will inevitably come and when it does the social unrest we have seen previously will look like a storm in a teacup.


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3 responses to “Welcome to Cameron’s Britain…”

  1. syzygysue says :

    I wonder what the police and the army will do faced with that social unrest? They do not like this government. Or does the privatisation of the police have a more ominous ring than at first appears?


  2. John reid says :

    I’ll give the police credit, if there’s more riots they’ll do what they did last time, wait around out of sight for three days then go in clear up the mess, other wise the’ll be to many health adn safety payouts, incase they get injured,


  3. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Sue it would certainly be interesting to see what they do…..I dont think the police were out of sight John to be fair to them, just stretched..


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