Nobody loves a Lib Dem….

Today has displayed perfectly the total isolation of the Liberal Democrats; despised by both their Coalition partners as ‘dead weight’ dragging the government down and by those on the opposition side as traitors they managed to distinguish themselves by saving the career of disgraced Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt. Labour’s opposition motion lost the day by 38 votes, had the Liberal Democrats acted on their promise to hold Mr Hunt to account it would have won.

Nick Clegg, the craven in chief, zig-zagged all over the place, first trying to distance himself from Mr Hunt and then coming out fully in support of him. It maybe noted that Mr Clegg couldn’t find it in himself to offer similar backing to Vince Cable when he was cornered for declaring ‘war’ on Rupert Murdoch. What must Liberal Democrats think of a Party leader who wont defend his own but rushes to the aid of an embattled Conservative minister? What does it say about Mr Clegg’s ethical construct that he values his position in this government over defending a Party colleague?

It tells us all we need to know – there are no principles left in Liberal Democrat politics and this is the reason they are universally despised. They have ceased to be the ‘fresh force’ in British politics, rocking the establishment, and have become a by-word for everything that is wrong with politics in Britain and the establishment. In the lingo, the Lib Dem ‘brand’ is totally toxic.  Principled people who were within the Party have voted with their feet and left in droves. This along with the continued hammering they receive at council elections will enough to ensure the political extinction of the yellow peril in their current form; forget the polls, voters can be won back but once activists walk and councillors are lost they are gone. The Conservative Party will probably take its fair share of refugees from the fall-out and there will probably be a new Party for those more inclined to the left. When the crunch comes however, there will be few to mourn the Parties because nowadays nobody loves a Lib Dem……


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