It’s time to step-up a gear……

Andy Burnham knows how to get stuck-in. He has welcomed Jeremy Hunt to the Health hotseat with this letter. Swashbuckling and determined it is exactly what is needed, all that is lacking is a coherent set of alternative policy proposals. Over the summer we have let things slide and alot of the momentum seems to have been lost. Today, Labour was busy pushing a vote on capping rail fares. However, you would struggle to know this was happening from the mainstream media which has been, unsurprisingly, dominated by reshuffle ramifications. I Googled news on the outcome of this vote and the top result was from the highly esteemed Milton Keynes Citizen. I really don’t think I need to say anymore.

Labour’s poll leads are comfortable. In my eyes, they are too comfortable. Complacency and drift are now amoung Labour’s key enemies. What happens now could well determine the outcome of the General Election, the government is weak and vulnerable but it won’t remain forever so. It will inevitably get stronger again. It is not hard to see how this can happen. People still don’t have confidence in Labour to run the economy and provide a real alternative to the current, obviously failing, policies. On issues like welfare and immigration the Party is similarly losing the debate by dint of a similar political timidity. Nobody wants to acknowledge within Labour circles how popular hard-right arguments are becoming and actually are because emotionally its something that is difficult to digest. Along with the precarious nature of Labour’s position within the country, an emotional, not a political judgment is being made.

While the government is in this state, potentially terminal damage can be inflicted on it. However, in my view, the window of opportunity is very small (relatively speaking). I do not think any forward planning is happening in the upper echelons of our leadership, planning for a Conservative resurgence, plotting for a time when the polls are less smelling of roses and more squeaky bum territory. If we are serious about returning to government then the time to step-up a gear is now. This has been a summer of drift. It stops now if we want to win the next General Election.


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3 responses to “It’s time to step-up a gear……”

  1. Glen Shakespeare says :

    I think a distinct shift to the left is appropriate. It is right wing dogma that has so failed us over the years. Capitalism is a proven failure and only serves to fill the pockets of the top earners (sic) in society. Why can’t the benefits be explained to the country? The emphasis be put back on the working class? Everybody back at work and the financial problem will solve itself.


    • Robert says :

      You want to give labour and Miliband a heart attack moving to the left, nope Miliband is still struggling to find the middle, you know the middle? you do not annoy the Tory swing voters or the middle class who are being squeezed, and the poorest working class, well they do not vote anyway


  2. Robert says :

    Labour is in the same old problem that dogged it through the Thatcher years, labour believed Thatcher would destroy her self and the public would vote Labour, the problem is Labour did little to explain what it would do. When labour finally won they had Blair, and now we have Miliband not really inspiring is it.

    What would and how would Labour cut the cost of the NHS, because whether you think spending is right is not the question it does need cutting in a new world.

    So where would labour cut, dentist are out, eye sight tests could cost more, not enough to make that much savings, so where. private enterprise.


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