Suggested model motion on TUC strike declaration…

Tweak or amend as you see fit but I suggest it should read something like this….

Conference notes the recent statement by the Trade Union Congress that if public sector pay talks break down there may be industrial action. It feels that strikes are always the last resort of the desperate and understands this statement would not have been made lightly.

It also notes this government determined, ideologically motivated, assault on public sector workers which has led to over 700,000 job losses and worsening pay and conditions for our public servants. It notes the historic bond of fellowship between the Labour Party and the wider labour movement.

It recognises the vital role our public servants play in not just maintaining essential services but in supporting a strong and vibrant British economy. It therefore feels that these attacks are detrimental to Britain’s well-being and therefore resolves to make a determined stand with those who are fighting the governments damaging agenda.

Conference calls upon the Labour Party to;

–          Reverse the stated policy position of the Rt Hon Ed Balls MP supporting the Chancellors wage-freeze for public sector workers.

–          Organise practical campaigns supporting the stated position of the TUC, explaining why this action has been made necessary by government policy.

–          Urge the TUC to organise campaigns and action that address the pay and conditions of private sector workers and take equally as determined action to improve their situation.

–          Adopt policies which support Britain’s real wealth-creators, its workers in both the public and private sector, in a worsening economic climate.

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7 responses to “Suggested model motion on TUC strike declaration…”

  1. charliecountryboy says :

    That’s really good and I think us mortals agree, but no political party is going to support strike action because they may be in power one day.


    • Robert says :

      Well we are told Miliband will not be attending the TUC conference, he does not want the public to think he is with the Unions, roll on the GMB conference I think this will the end of the affiliation.


      • darrellgoodliffe says :


        Its more a demand made on the Labour members than something I expect the leadership too do. Hmmmmm I hope not Robert


  2. Carole Griffiths says :

    Ed Milliband has stated this morning that he does not support strike action. As someone said above this is not a vote catcher. So reluctantly having been a civil servant and a PCS union rep I would still have to say that the motion though well put and states the true situation will not stand a chance of being discussed let alone passed.


    • Robert says :

      If you think that was bad look at Balls speech, Jesus voting Tory or Labour would bring about what, change in leadership from one Millionaire leader to another.


  3. john P Ried says :

    goo dluck it won’t happen


    • Robert says :

      Strike are coming John I’m sure of that, but a national strike not in a million years, but as I said Teachers nurses maybe fire services, to have a national strike I would say Council workers would have to strike.


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