Labour: a broad church makes a stronger Party….

Salma Yaqoob has stirred some controversy by leaving Respect within our own ranks. It seems we are split between the pro and anti Yaqoob inclusionists. The latter are spectacularly missing the point of the founding ethos of our Party. It was forged in the fires of a grand political alliance between competing and sometimes mutually hostile political trends. On the one side, firey revolutionists and on the other the left-leaning elements of liberalism. This confused parentage has certainly lent extra spice to Labour’s emergence as the only serious force in British politics capable of challenging the small and big ‘C’ Conservative British establishment and even now it continues to play itself out in the most challenging of ways.

However, there is strength to be found in diversity as well as weakness. This is especially true for a Party seeking to be successful in electoral politics which, by dint of their very nature, must seek to win the support of a broad cross-section of public opinion. Go into any given public space and you will find not monolithic consensus but the lively interplay and exchange of views that comes from individuals with a diverse range of different prejudices and experiences. It is also good for the competing tendencies within the Party. I can’t think of any better test of an ideological current seeking to win popular support than the struggle to command the tide of inner-Party opinion. I, for the one, relish the challenge of having to prove the validity of my politics amoungst people who are often indifferent and against people who I know are actively hostile.

I despair of those, on both the right and left-wing of the Party, who want to turn this Party into an empty shell, a vessel for nothing more than their own ideological agenda. Doing this would rob it of its life, of its spirit and soul, it would make it as much of a husk as the Blairite leadership did during its tenure. It would cease to become the Labour Party so many of us treasure and hold dear to our hearts and it would lose the living link it should have with the people it was born to represent.  This is the folly of the people who want to exclude Salma Yaqoob because they don’t like her politics, to forget the lessons of our history, that together we are stronger though many things may divide us.


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8 responses to “Labour: a broad church makes a stronger Party….”

  1. Robert says :

    She is free to join any party she likes, she is to the left, she seems to be a socialist, so I suspect it may be the Labour party groupies like Blair, Purnell, Byrne, who may be saying no thanks we do not want another lefty.

    I cannot see anyone from my old CLP having anything to say against her.

    Question why would a lefty socialist want to join labour these days.


    • John Macdonald says :

      Perhaps the answer is in the article… and has always been so. My experience of Trotskyist organisations in the seventies and eighties convinced me that the broader Labour party – however uncomfortable – is well worth being part of and fighting within – as described in the article. As for anyone who wants to exclude this person they would, on the face of it, appear to be very shrivelled politically conformist and fearful people. Whilst they probably need pity they can be horrors when they get control of anything on which they stamp their fearful boring funamentals. Such exist in parties of left right and indeed in almost all organisations. For me hope is a most precious commodity and dialogue with someone like Salma Yaqoob is an indication of such hope and the continuing interest which politics requires if it is to live in heart mind and community…


      • Robert says :

        Well of course it’s your definition of the Labour party which makes one decide to stay or go, I see Progress as the main part of the Labour party these days, and being disabled to me the Tories or Labour makes little difference.

        As for this young lady looking at her articles over the years she is without doubt a loss to respect, but would she be a gain to the Labour party top table, not to sure.


  2. john Reid says :

    I agree with Dan hodges ,the good laobur supproter


  3. john P reid says :

    What about Trying to oust Dan Hdges or Progress, what about Ben Bradshaw’s secretary who left for the Libdems, Luke Bozier, I’m all for getting green supporters to join us as the greens are actually anti environment with the ir vews on Nucleur power, But Those trying to get the hard left in the party whould get their own house in order when trying to oust the right of the party


  4. john says :

    Are you sure Darrell about Balirtie leadership ,blair managed to get dozoens of prominent tories to join Laobur, Ivan Bessel,temple Morris, Edmund Davies, Shaun Woodward, Alan Howarth, alan Amos, Quietnin davies, I’m not sure if Yahoob’s views on 7/7 jews or british soldiers are suitable to laobur, But for every person who may join Laobur by us taking on the far left we are losing dozens of those on the right of the party, Progress magazine, Ben Bradshaws secretary, Luke Bozier, Dan Hodges


    • Robert says :

      John forgive me if I’m rude but your a pillock.


      • john reid says :

        You don’t need t apologise ,you biter troll ,ho for all your commitment to socialism can’t accept the party you joined in 1963, had just lost an election with 13million votes and you endorsed a manfesto ,that resuled in Labour getting 27% 8.4million in 1983, and we did better without your support in 2010 ,than when you supported us,

        and when did you ever really get people tovote laobur no matter how many years you were there, or conferences you attended, and I note laoburlist doesn’t rprint your comments ,I wonder why?


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