Turn the guns on Cameron…..

#Mitchell-Gate rumbles on unabated. Indeed, it is now a matter of interesting matter of speculation what kind of reception Mr Mitchell will get at Conservative conference when he eventually sallies up to their annual shindig. He didn’t just spit in the eye of the Police Officers he happened to be abusing at the time, nor the entire Police force, he spat in the eye of the entire Conservative Party, a Party that prides itself on being one of ‘law and order’ and that under Margaret Thatcher enjoyed a particularly close relationship with the Police, which in turn is the cornerstone of its ‘law and order’ credentials.

Any normal Prime Minister, one with even the slightest modicum of political sense, would have ditched Mr Mitchell as quickly as a hot coal based solely on this fact alone, but not David Cameron. Mr Cameron has displayed this shocking and vainglorious arrogance before, by clinging onto Coulson, by clinging onto Liam Fox, and now by clinging onto Mr Mitchell. This man maybe not for turning but it is not solid ideological conviction that drives him, its arrogance and pride. He will U-turn on a policy that isn’t playing well with the focus groups as quickly as you can say Jimmney Cricket, but if something threatens his ruling social elite, his Old Etonian Boys network that he has running the country, hell no, Mr Cameron is as solid as a rock. It isn’t just the opposition saying this, it’s not just the media, it’s even not just the country who, in poll after poll, tell their questioners that they think Mr Cameron is out of touch and doesn’t understand them, but that feeling is rampaging through the ranks of the governing Party.

This is why Labour must turn all its guns on Number 10 over this; it must unpick the complex and muddled web of deceit that is issuing forth both from Number 10 and the potty-mouth of Mr Mitchell. It must ram home the message, this is a question of character, not just of Mr Mitchell but of Mr Cameron himself and his ruling elite. Thus far all we have done is ask inconsequential questions that don’t really being to penetrate the fog of the smokescreen being thrown up around to allow Mitchell to get away with this. It’s time to stop beating around the bush and go for the jugular, go for the kill and do some lasting damage to the man at the top of this crooked and creaking tree, the Prime Minister himself.


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