A battle for Labour’s soul?

ImageThe GMB’s precipitous reduction in funding to the Labour Party could well herald the dawn of a new era in labour movement politics. It is more than likely other trade unions will soon follow suit and that a de facto semi-separation will exist between the trade unions and the Party they formed.  Some are seeing this as a battle for Labour’s soul and indeed it looks that way to many outsiders and indeed some influential insiders seem to feel the same way. 

It is important to remember it need not have been this way. Indeed, what made it this way was the leaderships grand design, they stitched-up an Aunt Sally in Falkirk, an invented an excuse to beat the union bogeyman. It was wrongly decided that a confrontation with the unions would be totemic and shift voter perception of the Party and its dithering leader. 

However, in taking this approach, Mr Miliband has made a rod for his own back and is on a hiding to nothing. This tack will potentially alienate people like me who would support the reforms as a good idea in practice but will be concerned about the principal behind them. Furthermore, even if the reforms pass, the victory may well be Pyrrhic, coming at the cost of a large chunk of Labour’s money and a huge dent in the Parties morale caused by the bitterness the issue will invariably introduce into inner-Party relations. 

This whole episode has sadly continued to illustrate the lack of joined-up thinking at Labour’s top table. Now we are committed to a much bloodier, more costly, battle than ever should have been the case, this is a battle for Labour’s soul but it shouldn’t have been. 

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One response to “A battle for Labour’s soul?”

  1. Rob the cripple says :

    This is what the GMB thinks will be the out come of Labour demand for people to opt in to paying.

    They have stated they have 600,000 members after a review of local parties who then asked members whether they would opt in or out, it was found that about 45 to 50,000 people would pay the levy to Labour which relates to £150,000.

    My local branch has again asked for a vote on disaffiliation but again this has been ignored until one day we have a mass migration from the GMB to another Union.

    Both Labour and the GMB are playing games of which the membership may have the last say.

    UNITE are saying they will look at doing the same, so all must be happy to have the Tories in power, since we all know Labour will need to find a revenue from somebody and it could be banks or it could be a large sponsor but I suspect labour have something in place.

    Maybe Progress will step in and state we are now the Labour party or Progress party, catchy name .

    But the members are tired of these games but are fuming at the mess of Falkirk.

    In the end this is a fight at a time Labour is looking like a party we have seen before, the period which the Tories had Thatcher, not many liked her sadly they were unable to vote for Labour, and all I can see is the same thing again.


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