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This page is for links to my articles elsewhere. It is still being gathered together at the moment so is a very long way from being comprehensive but the aim is that it will be.


Guardian Leeds: Leeds set for voting reform debate – 23 February 2011.

House of Comments PodCast – 20th January 2010.

Darrell Goodliffe: The Futures Interview – 30th August 2011.

Mind Reading Poses Moral Challenges – 27th March 2007.

Citizen Journalists Need Own Organisation – 16th March 2007.

Saudi Arabia, America’s Undemocratic Ally – 28th February 2007.

Watada, a Solider for a Democratic Society – 8th February 2007.

Iraq: Word Play and Policy Problems – 26th December 2008

‘Either we heal now as a team or die as an individual’ – March 22nd 2008.

Time for divorce? – March 23rd 2008.

Richardson calls for end to bloodletting – March 24th 2008.

Religion and politics; the faith school debate – March 27th 2008.

Slip-sliding away – April 23rd 2008.

Hilary Step Aside! – May 8th 2008.

Obama wins – the battle begins – June 4th 2008.

Angling for second slot – June 7th 2008.

Sold! Britain’s government for 30 pieces of silver – June 11th 2008.

Britain’s conservatives jump on the Obama bandwagon – November 5th 2008.

Israel: time for perspective and action. – December 28th 2008.


My vision of a new media policy for Labour – 2nd August 2011

Huffington Post

What would a Post-Murdoch media landscape look like? – 19th July 2011.

Britain should say yes to a Palestinian state – 19th July 2011.

Will one swallow be enough for Ed Miliband’s summer? – 21st July 2011.

Is religion to blame for the Oslo atrocities? – 25th July 2011.

James Purnell would kill the welfare state with ‘kindness’ – 29th July 2011.

Cameron can’t make the ‘Big Society’ work – 15th August 2011.

Crossing the floor of the House is the least the Liberal Democrats could do – 18th August 2011.

Wanted: A strategic vision for Labour – 29th August 2011.

Is being a singleton uncomplicated? – 4th September 2011.

Is Labour’s future Purple? – 18th September 2011.


Labour can make 2010 a year of it’s own change – with a mixture of contrition and positivity – 20th January 2010.

Tory/Lib Dem coalition council in Leeds is under strain – help us win a key by-election – 1st February 2010.

Bob Ainsworth misses the key point: our security needs have changed – 7th February 2010.

Party funding: challenges and opportunities – 25th February 2010.

Progressives: this is no time for sitting on the fence – 7th March 2010.

It’s time to stop running scared over the union link – 15th March 2010.

Moving from the flat foot to the front foot – 18th April 2010.

The big question the leadership contenders have to answer – 16th May 2010.

Cut price politics is a threat to our democracy – 24th May 2010.

Leeds shows we can beat the ‘Libservatives’ – 5th June 2010.

The price of this reform is too high – 6th July 2010.

Is ideology a factor in the leadership race? – 11th July 2010.

Why is Labour so attached to Trident? – 3rd August 2010.

IPSA: a monster we created – 6th August 2010.

Opportunist oppositionalism? – 21st August 2010.

Change is all the rage – 7th September 2010.

Reasons to be cheerful….and cautious – 20th September 2010.

Opposing ‘St Vince’s’ privatisation of the Post Office is the first test for our new leader – 23rd September 2010.

The progressive case for abolishing the electoral college – 26th September 2010.

Grasping the nettle of welfare reform – 4th October 2010.

A economic narrative for Labour’s New Generation – 9th October 2010.

How Cameron can really help British football – 15th October 2010.

Ken Livingstone: ill-advised but not foolish – 20th October 2010.

Labour should be leading the anti-cuts campaign – 25th October 2010.

London’s Conservatives are responsible for the fire strikes – 28th October 2010.

Ideas for electability: a hard line on tax avoidable and evasion – 2nd November 2010.

Without our values, Labour will get lost – 7th November 2010.

Is this the end for the Lib Dems? – 12th November 2010.

The way to defend the Labour-Union link is through democracy – 18th November 2010.

Whgey did Labour get it so badly wrong on Civil Liberties? – 22nd November 2010.

Provocative and dangerous: kettling should be banned – 25th November 2010.

In defence of John McDonnell – 29th November 2010.

Blame FIFA, not the BBC – 3rd December 2010.

Defending freedoms frontier – 8th December 2010.

Empowering our CLP’s – 13th December 2010.

Democracy and the drugs debate – 17th December 2010.

Vince was right and we should have said so – 22nd December 2010.

Tied in knots over party reform – 29th December 2010.

Jack Straw should apologise – 10th January 2011.

Let’s not chase shadows from Oldham East – 16th January 2011.

Politics and wordplay – 20th January 2011.

Labour should stand with the Egyptian people – 27th January 2011.

The case for Labour’s involvement – 31st January 2011.

Libyan lessons for Labour’s foreign policy – 24th February 2011.

Why the living wage must be compulsory – 1st March 2011.

Don’t dismiss UKIP – 4th March 2011.

Libya: The case for a no-fly zone – 7th March 2011.

Post-Compass; where now for Labour’s left? – 14th March 2011.

Libya has re-framed the intervention debate – 20th March 2011.

The problematic “squeezed middle” – 22nd March 2011.

Labour’s members deserve better – 29th March 2011.

Cameron’s government is Thatcherism unleashed -4th April 2011.

Interns, expenses and our broken politics – 8th April 2011.

AV – it’s about democracy – 17th April 2011.

Have you heard the one about the Footballer and the MP? – 30th May 2011.

Cable’s fait accompli – 6th June 2011.

Who are we? – 14th June 2011.

Why euthanasia should be legalised – 17th June 2011.

De-toxifying the Labour brand on civil liberties – 22nd June 2011.

In (partial) defence of electing the Shadow Cabinet – 26th June 2011.

What would a post-Murdoch media landscape look like? – 18th July 2011.

James Purnell wants to kill the welfare state, not save it – 31st July 2011.

Unions must put forward a reforming agenda of their own – 5th August 2011.

The right line, not the hard-line – 12th August 2011.

Refounding Labour should go to a special conference – 20th August 2011.

We are the Labour Party, not the US Democrats – 26th August 2011.

Banning the EDL is right heart, wrong head politics – 30th August 2011

Ed Miliband’s attitude to strikes is just plain wrong – 13th September 2011.

The real agenda of the boundary review is to destroy democracy – 18th September 2011

Do we really want to allow somebody to ‘do a Tea Party’ on Labour? – 23rd September 2011.

Voter Registration is the key to our electoral success- 6th December 2011.

Labour Uncut

‘Still getting to grips with life after Tony’ – December 2010.

Coalition government is also tearing the Conservatives apart – December 20th 2010.

AV is a sham – January 2011.

Labour must not become the party of the ‘white working class’ – January 16th 2011.

The attack on May Day is an act of cultural and class vandalism – March 2011.

Left Futures

How should the left deal with corruption? – 17th October 2010.

The ‘No to AV’ campaign needs to engage with Labour voters and fast – 27th October 2010.

We need a united conference of the Labour left – 18th November 2010.

Reflections on ‘Red Lens’ victory – 24th November 2010.

Labour can be a home for this new movement – 6th December 2010

All to play for in the AV campaign – 11th December 2010.

Labour councils should be setting social budgets – 15th December 2010.

The Coalition goes nuclear…. – 23rd December 2010.

Republicanism – it’s about democracy – 3rd January 2011.

Back to the future? – 9th January 2011.

LRC Conference preview – 11th January 2011.

Police spies – a cautionary tale – 13th January 2011.

The LRC: Preparing for battles to come – 17th January 2011.

The rights and wrongs of Baroness Warsi – 21st January 2011.

Labour Yes is trying to bounce Labour around – 25th January 2011.

David Davis and the ‘common people’ – 28th January 2011.

LRC comes out against AV and debates the cuts – 6th February 2011.

We need a labour movement No to AV campaign – 13th February 2011.

Moving beyond the budget question in defending council services – 16th February 2011.

Why Labour would be wrong to chase the ‘centre-ground’ – 21st February.

Happy Brithday Labour! – 27th February 2011.

Labour No to AV is born – 2nd March 2011.

Why doesn’t the Left do better? – 5th March 2011.

Our European future – 11th March 2011.

Wanted: a political program for the anti-cuts movement – 17th March 2011.

Reasons to support UN Resolution on Libya – 18th March 2011.

Osborne’s tax trojan horse – 29th March 2011.

“Make it 50” and the Janus-faced Yes campaign – 4th April 2011.

We need a Murdoch-free press – 9th April 2011.

The Nuclear Phallus – 25th May 2011.

What do we mean by secularisation? – 6th June 2011.

The Kamikaze Blairites – 12th June 2011.

Wrong, wrong and wrong again Mr Miliband – 14th June 2011.

Defend the teachers – 16th June 2011.

One man, one newspaper – 6th July 2011.

Ed Miliband must speak out against Cameron’s public sector proposals – 12th July 2011.

Personal morality and politics never mix well – July 15th 2011.

Blue Labour: gone and best forgotten – 22nd July 2011.

The dangerously ignorant Tom Harris – 25th July 2011.

It’s time to end arms sales to Israel – 5th August 2011.

PM shows us how NOT to respond to riots – 13th August 2011.

Defend Ken from Guido’s nonsense – 24th August 2011.

The Blairites are morally bankrupt – 7th September 2011.

Liberal Conspiracy

‘Why Socialists should vote Lib Dem’– September 2008.

‘Israel: time for perspective and action’ – December 2008.

‘Happy Anniversary Nick Clegg?’ – Decemeber 2009.

Revealed: Cameron meets NHS ‘advisors’ who want to completely undermine it – December 29th 2009.

‘2010: A crunch year for us progressives  – January 2010.

‘Britain cannot let Haiti be pushed to ‘shock capitalism’ –  January 18th 2010.

Cadbury’s and Kraft: what the left needs to consider now  – January 20th 2010.

Let’s not deny it: Lib Dem voters are closer to Labour than Tory voters – March 2010.

Anti-strike decision is a blow to democracy – April 2010.

Is Compass pushing Labour into oblivion? – April 25th 2010.

Why David Miliband can’t sweep Iraq under the carpet – May 201o.

Liberal Democrat Voice

A new member looks forward to shaping a new agenda – 3rd March 2008.

Right to rebel  – 11th March 2008.

A movement for peace – 12th March 2008.

Why I would swear no oath – 13th March 2008.

Not so happy birthday – 19th March 2008.

Pulpit politics – 25th March 2008.

To boucott or not to boycott – 30th March 2008.

How to survive uninterested times – 6th April 2008.

The real saboteurs – 8th April 2008.

It’s not enough to survive, you have to be worthy of survival -16th April 2008.

Breaking the cycle – 8th May 2008.

Why we should stand against David Davis – 15th June 2008.

Royal Prerogative must go – 19th August 2008.

Smoking and Liberty – 20th October 2008.

Forging ahead – 2nd November 2008.

Time to end the ‘war on terror’ and bring all our troops home – 11th November 2008.

Restating the case against capital punishment – 16th November 2008.

Secularise education – 9th December 2008.

Israel – time for action – 28th December 2008.

Time for a U-Turn on the Lisbon Treaty – 8th June 2009.

Socialist Unity

The Media V Democracy – January 2011.

No to elected police commissioners, yes to elected police authorities – December 2010.

Ed needs to be more visible – 26th November 2010.

NUS putting Labour in a tricky position – 16th November 2010.

Poppy Paradox – 9th November 2010.

Labour is failing to defend the welfare state – 7th November 2010.

Why the left should oppose AV – 29th October 2010.

Labour should ditch the ‘squeezed middle’ and defend the suffering poor – 26th October 2010.

Tom Harris attacks democracy – 22nd October 2010.

Changing Labour from tip-to-toe – 18th October 2010.

Ed Miliband and the worrying dog-whistle politics – 15 October 2010.


Is IPSA going to let me starve? – August 2010.


David Cameron’s Rotten Summer – 23rd August 2011.

Only we, the people, can be trusted to defend our civil liberties – 25 August 2011.

We need to move beyond the hypocrisy of both the pro and anti interventionists – 27th August 2011.

Democracy and the swing-vote – 5th September 2011.

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