The Sun has stung Brown….

I disagree with my policies pursued by Gordon Brown but the conduct of The Sun over the last couple of days has shown that beyond doubt ‘lettergate’ is a sting. It will never be proved and always strenuously denied but witness the swing of opinion on Politics Home‘s PH100 and a comment by one journalist;

“The broadcast of the phone conversation was wrong, it made the entire thing seem like a sting.”

Well, if it walks and quacks like a duck then it must be a duck. Further examination of the letter; faithfully reproduced in The Sun shows that some of the claims of the grieving mother could also be substantively false; for example, the claim that the name of Grenadier Guardsman Jamie was misspelt looks to be erroneous or at best uncharitable and lacking of understanding of Brown’s obviously poor handwriting. Also, the argument that;

“He said sorry I couldn’t read his handwriting and he was sorry I felt so strongly. He said sorry 16 times, but he never apologised once.”

strikes me as being fundamentally bizarre. It seemed to me that a confrontation was provoked and intended. How somebody that Sky News claims is totally non-political can be readily primed with arguments about equipment and so on and so forth also strikes me as less than convincing. Also, why record the phone call? Sadly, it suggests she did so with the express intent of passing it onto the media. Notice how the apology was accepted just as the media narrative turned against The Sun including it’s former political editor warning public opinion could turn against the paper.  The final witness for the prosecution is the conduct of Fox News in America;  another star of the Murdoch stable which habitually indulges itself in these kind of personal attacks on politicians which incite it’s ire.

While the mothers grief is understandable she has also allowed it to be politically exploited by the Murdoch press and at this point my sympathy for her loss stops. Indeed, in the phone call she showed no understanding or compassion for Brown; something that is kind-of ironic given the various insults she has hurled at Brown. The Sun meanwhile has shown once again it cheapens politics….and if this is the future that the Murdoch’s want us to sign-up for in the media market it is fair to say it is a grim one indeed.


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3 responses to “The Sun has stung Brown….”

  1. Letters From A Tory says :

    I thought it was illegal to tape phone conservations in any case without a court order – can anyone shed any light on this?


  2. Rob says :

    I was wondering about that. I know that it’s not actually illegal to record a conversation without the other party being aware of it, as long as it’s for personal use. But if it is to be made public, as far as I know, the consent of the other party must be obtained first. So was Gordon Brown made aware of it? And if not, have she and the Sun both committed an offence?


  3. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Letters & Rob:


    “It is legal to record all calls without telling the person you speak to, provided that it is for your own use. But if you intend to share the call with a third party – for use as evidence in a small claims court, for instance – the failure to explain that you are taping the conversation at the start of the call could lead to a civil prosecution.”

    so your both right and it is illegal to record the call.


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