Want to save the NHS Lib Dems? Then join the opposition….

Larry the Cat stares sadly out the window as Clegg has forgotten to feed him AGAIN....

Go on, you can be candid here, admit it. You laughed like I did when you saw Nick Clegg’s solemn pledge to ‘protect the National Health Service from the profit motive’. That Clegg and the Liberal Democrats are hated and reviled is pretty much a given but soon they will be subjected to a much worse fate; they will exist only as objects of mockery and merriment. How can we take seriously a Deputy Prime Minister who sincerely opines that he ‘forgot’ it was his ‘turn’ to run the country? This quote is priceless and should be chiseled on the political tombstone that is currently being carved for Mr Clegg and his Party:

Asked if he was in charge of the nation, Mr Clegg told Metro: ‘Yeah, I suppose I am. I forgot about that.’

Clegg is also a proven serial political opportunist and liar. Why on earth would we trust this man again? I am sure the massed ranks of Liberal Democrats want too but that is because realistically they have no choice. They must be thrilled with the motion that they passed on the NHS – shame it doesn’t mean anything in the real world. Resolutions passed at a Liberal Democrat conference serve one purpose and one purpose only and that is to make their activists feel better about themselves, like they have sufficiently salved their social consciences.  You want proof? Well, remember Free Schools which got them in an awful tizzy? They even went so-far as to rebel and pass a motion against them.  Very noble. An act which the  Liberal Democrat MP’s and leadership promptly ignored by sending the good ship Gove and his Free Schools sailing merrily through the Commons with a comfortable majority.

Similarly with this motion, all Clegg has promised to do in response to the motions call to halt the “damaging and unjustified” shake-up of GP services in England is ‘study this call carefully’. In other words, he will mouth platitudes exactly like the ones above and do nothing except deposit the motion in the nearest trash-can or maybe in Larry the Cat’s litter tray. He will do nothing because a) he believes in these changes and b) in any case, nothing is the sum total of what he is capable of doing.  All those years spent  mocking the impotency of the Labour membership is coming back to haunt the Liberal Democrat membership in spades as they are karmically repaid with banishment from effective control over their own party. Who says the universe has no sense of irony?

Comrades in Labour still mooning over a potential alliance with this spent political force are, to not put too fine a point on it, as politically spineless as the yellow peril themselves.  Being used and abused obviously isn’t enough to hammer home reality to these people. In Leeds we know how it is, the charlatan Liberal Democrats attack a Labour council for making cuts while at the same time sitting in a government cutting central government funding to the bone. Danny Alexander tried a similar trick today; criticising Labour councils for not spending their cash reserves to protect vital services:

“You are seeing Labour councils up and down the land making all sorts of decisions where they deny the deficit on a national level but seem to be wanting to make very painful choices at a local level. On both counts, they are doing the wrong thing.

“Their irresponsibility on a national level is matched only by the sorts of cuts they are making on a local level.

Oh really Danny, so your gutless Party attacks Labour nationally for ‘maxing out the credit card’ but locally we are supposed to break the bank and spend all our reserves in the first year of this governments mad and barbaric austerity drive? Inconsistency and opportunism thy name is the Liberal Democrats. The last thing the NHS needs is the help of Calamity Clegg and his crew of invertebrates. If the Liberal Democrats want to save the NHS then the solution is simple. Join the opposition to this government. Come out from behind your Iron Curtain and fight rather than make pious noises that amount to nothing.

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14 responses to “Want to save the NHS Lib Dems? Then join the opposition….”

  1. ianrobo says :

    Darrell, we can only stop this if we get LD ministers also to vote against. At the top level we should be making every effort to woo them and keep reminding them they they will not bring the govt down by voting against nor break the coalition agreement.

    It is the only way


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    They wont so whats the point. If they wouldn’t to fufill a pledge they signed publically then I don’t rate your chances here. We really have to get over this delusion that they are fundementally any different from the Conservatives. They aren’t and most of them believe in these changes so why on earth would they vote against them?


  3. ianrobo says :

    because Darrell, many are against these plans, the ones representing northern seats are all left leaning (expcept clegg of course) and even in the Siouth many have to have labour voters.

    This is not about cost cutting of course so they do not have to rely on that mantra. Of course a lot support the orange bookers but their membership does not.

    that is who we should target

    otherwise no hope is there.


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    No they really arent. I rather suspect Clegg isn’t at all. This is where you are fundementally wrong. None of the Lib Dem leadership is left-leaning. This is what I find sad. We keep appealing to them like some badly abused pet and we expect the response to be different when we know its not going to be, something I think that has much in common with the definition of insanity, ie, repeating the same behaviour and expecting different results.

    How did they get those votes? They lied about fundementally what they believe in. The membership is utterly powerless so we are wasting our time there too.

    The only hope is destroying this government. End of.


  5. ianrobo says :

    and we can only destroy it by persuading the LD MP’s to split for their own good


  6. darrellgoodliffe says :


    No, actually the only force that can destroy this government is the Conservative right. The Lib Dems aren’t stupid although we obviously think they are. They are not going to trigger an election in which they will be electorally massacred. Their ‘own good’ demands the continuation of this Coalition…that will at least give them jobs for as long as it lasts.


  7. darrellgoodliffe says :


    should have said ‘the only internal force that can destroy this government’…


  8. ianrobo says :

    that maybe true Darrell but with the NHS reforms they are being given it, now if the LD’s could force ‘”any willing supplier” to be replaced by the NHS as preferential ??


  9. darrellgoodliffe says :


    But what makes you think they want too? I am genuinely curious here….let’s leave aside the activist base which is completly irrelevant to this discussion…..I have seen no evidence from the leadership that they don’t believe in these reforms as wholesale package…I mean something other than what Clegg has said at conference under pressure from a slightly agitated membership….

    It’s exactly like the Free Schools thing, of course Clegg and Co will say satisfying things in public because its politic to do so but when push comes to shove lets call a spade a spade. They wont vote against it because they believe in it and thats the fundemental flaw in this rather weak constant appeal to the better angles of their nature and its why it doesnt get anywhere. It’s a little divorced from reality to be honest…the proof of the pudding is in the eating and what are the results then?


  10. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Actually can I also point out that the best long-term strategy for Clegg and Co is to actually do their best for the Conservatives because their only route out is if they get a grace and favour life raft from them for services rendered. The Lib Dems are fundementally shattered so there is nothing left for them to cling onto there….there best strategy is to be as useful to the Conservatives as possible.


  11. ianrobo says :

    I guess I am trying to give the leadership too much credit !!

    However I do believe there are good guys out there and they will move against Clegg, wait until May as teh true extent will be felt.

    BTW no way should we try and want a GE now, we simply can not afford it


  12. darrellgoodliffe says :



    I think reagardless, they are bound to the fate of Clegg and the Coalition too tightly now to disentangle themselves accept with a complete rupture. Even if the worst happens they can’t change course now they are where they are and on the path they are, for richer and poorer. Some will walk away I am sure and the Liberal Democrats will simply cease to be as we know them. However, this probably wont happen until the Coalition is ended….

    I don’t think we will have a choice to be honest, if social crisis starts to rip through the country then my prediction is the Conservative right will rid themselves of Clegg and the aristocratic and out of touch Cameroons and force the issue at their earliest possible conveinence, probably not this year but I don’t see this government lasting its term at all…2012 or 13 would be where my money is for the next election…


  13. ianrobo says :

    but the 5 year rule means basically all the LD’s would have to vote for it a no confidence as well

    can not see that


  14. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Not neccessarily, I think the vast majority of the current Conservative crop is the Conservative right. If they didnt in any case it would cause a constitutional crisis. It really depends on how bad you think the social unrest will be over the next 5 years – my money is on very bad.


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